Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Creating an engaging, challenging and exciting Geography curriculum

This week on the Masters course we are reading about how to make a Geography curriculum which stimulates, stretches and excites students.  The readings have been very interesting and causes me to seriously reflect on all the curricula I have developed thus far!
Enjoying a teacher inspection visit to the Blue Lagoon!

A key idea has been that rather than writing a curriculum to be followed slavishly by students and teachers, we can write a curriculum which engages, challenges and excites the teacher.  If as teachers we discover new depths, perspectives and politics in some of the cherished topics we teach we will be enlivened with the new energy and excitement of learning.  We will then want to pass on these new appreciations to our students and develop innovative lesson plans which really educate.

This revelation is another reason why I strongly recommend all colleagues invest in CPD or further courses of study.  There are so many effective routes including National teacher conferences run by the GA,  Philip Allan updates, fieldwork CPD courses, and even studying for a Masters.  Last October I went on a teacher inspection visit to Iceland with Discover the World.  I thought it would be a great place to visit and that I would return with great ideas for learning activities and full set of risk assessments.  All these I did get but the greatest experience for me was learning about a new place in depth.  As soon as I returned my teaching was super-charged not only with a fresh enthusiasm and passion but also with a greater subject knowledge and understanding. 

So I encourage you to renew your love of the Geography by taking your learning to new levels!